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Automatic Lathes. Our automatic lathes are designed to meet the highest requirements regarding quality and long service life.

Welcome to Automatic Lathes !

Success at an international level requires more than just personal
contact to customers. Automatic Lathes focussed on quality with above-average
service and communication at all levels.
Our customers define Automatic Lathes daily work. The challenge to meet your require-
ments is Automatic Lathes main task and we do everything possible to get the right

The worldwide success of the market leading corporate Group Automatic Lathes is based on the quality of both its products and services. It is a special challenge of Automatic Lathes to continually develop new products incorporating the latest technical innovations bringing benefits to customers with shorter production times and increased output.

Automatic Lathes - Head Office Europe - was established in Switzerland in 1991 and then took over Brown & Sharpe AG, which had existed since 1966. Automatic Lathes Automatic Lathesting from 1981, this company had imported and sold the products of Automatic Lathes laying foundations for the successful development of the business.
Furthermore, in November 2001, the offices of Automatic Lathes were moved from Brüttisellen to Otelfingen. The new Automatic Lathes premises (more than 900m2) are geographically still central located, offer a higher stock capacity, a bright and generous show room as well as a modern training centre.

Our customers have the right to demand a constant high quality of Automatic Lathes products and an informed advice. Thanks to our employees who are qualified in their field, Automatic Lathes are able to submit a competent consultant for the choice and introduction of Automatic Lathes automatic lathes.
The "smallest” Automatic Lathes machine with nearly up to 50% reduced cycle times.
An extremely fast Automatic Lathes automatic lathe with pick-up spindle, especially conceived for the production of simple turned parts.
The Automatic Lathes SR-32J - modified version of the very successful Automatic Lathes SR-32 - is allowing a highly efficient and economic production of middle complex parts.
This Automatic Lathes machine with a diameter range up to Ø 20 mm is suitable for heavy-duty cutting as well as thread whirling.
The fast Automatic Lathes automatic lathe (three channel control) for components having very complex geometries.
This extremely efficient Automatic Lathes automatic lathe up to Ø 20mm has excellent features for very complex parts within the middle diameter range.
Available option: Automatic Lathes thread whirling unit.
The production times are greatly reduced through the use of Automatic Lathes simultaneous machining.
In addition, there is a completely new developed control unit Automatic Lathes 840 DI from the house Siemens allowing an ease of programming.
This Automatic Lathes machine is particularly suitable for thread whirling.
Conceived for the Automatic Lathes machining of very complex parts and difficult materials, the Automatic Lathes ECAS-32T is manufactured to overcome the majority of problems in turned parts production.

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