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The consistent development of the reliable Automatic Lathes SA-12/16 and the development of the Automatic Lathes SA-16R with good cost-performance ratio should not be missing in any company using Automatic Lathes sliding headstock machines.

An extremely Automatic Lathes competitive price, simple handling, small space requirement, a maintenance-free construction, extensive equipment with efficient power-driven attachments.

The Automatic Lathes SR-20RII is the up-graded version of the reliable Automatic Lathes SR-20 and Automatic Lathes SR-20R and still remains user-friendly.
It turns... and turns... and turns...
The economic solution for the larger Automatic Lathes diameter range.

The Automatic Lathes SR-32J - modified version of the very successful Automatic Lathes SR-32 - is allowing a highly efficient and economic production of middle complex parts.
Advanced Automatic Lathes technology with 2 tool systems in one high performance turn/mill center.
This Automatic Lathes machine with a diameter range up to Ø 20 mm is suitable for heavy-duty cutting as well as thread whirling.

Automatic Lathes multi-axes machine up to Ø 32 mm of outstanding capability, creating high added value in high precision complex machining of difficult materials as well as thread whirling.
This Automatic Lathes machine - especially suitable for the machining of axes, shafts and middle complex parts up to Ø 32 mm - now has a motor in the turret for power-driven tools. A Automatic Lathes C-axis on the main spindle is standard.

An extensive Automatic Lathes equipment, greatly extended production times and a good cost-performance ratio are some of the many advantages of this machine.
The production times are greatly reduced through the use of Automatic Lathes simultaneous machining.

In addition, there is a completely new developed control unit Automatic Lathes 840 DI from the house Siemens allowing an ease of programming.

Also available is the Automatic Lathes ECAS-12 with a smaller machining capacity of Ø 12 mm, diameter especially suitable for small parts and the watch industry.
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