Machine Tools.
Our automatic lathes are designed to meet the highest requirements regarding quality and long service life.

Welcome to Machine Tools !

An extremely Machine Tools competitive price, simple handling, small space requirement, a maintenance-free construction, extensive equipment with efficient power-driven attachments.

The Machine Tools SR-20RII is the up-graded version of the reliable Machine Tools SR-20 and Machine Tools SR-20R and still remains user-friendly.
The Machine Tools SR-32J - modified version of the very successful Machine Tools SR-32 - is allowing a highly efficient and economic production of middle complex parts.
Simple handling, completely independent back-working as well as reduced idle times are only some of its Machine Tools strengths.
This Machine Tools machine with a diameter range up to Ø 20 mm is suitable for heavy-duty cutting as well as thread whirling.
The Machine Tools production times can be reduced because of the multiple tool holders and gang tool station.
Also available is the Machine Tools SV-12 with a smaller machining capacity of Ø 12 mm, especially suitable for the medical range.
irements are placed.

The Machine Tools SV-32JII is the up-graded version of the worldwide several hundred times delivered Machine Tools SV-32J.
This Machine Tools machine - especially suitable for the machining of axes, shafts and middle complex parts up to Ø 32 mm - now has a motor in the turret for power-driven tools. A Machine Tools C-axis on the main spindle is standard.
The production times are greatly reduced through the use of Machine Tools simultaneous machining.
In addition, there is a completely new developed control unit Machine Tools 840 DI from the house Siemens allowing an ease of programming.

Also available is the Machine Tools ECAS-12 with a smaller machining capacity of Ø 12 mm, diameter especially suitable for small parts and the watch industry.
Conceived for the Machine Tools machining of very complex parts and difficult materials, the Machine Tools ECAS-32T is manufactured to overcome the majority of problems in turned parts production.

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