Machines designed to meet the highest requirements regarding quality and long service life.

Our customers define Machines daily work. The challenge to meet your require-
ments is Machines main task and we do everything possible to get the right
In the meantime, Machines is looking after more than 20 European countries, is fully intimate with them and travels even to Middle East if necessary.
The Machines enterprise is continuously expanding. In September 2001, the subsidiary Machines was founded in Haute-Savoy/France.
Furthermore, in November 2001, the offices of Machines were moved from Brüttisellen to Otelfingen. The new Machines premises (more than 900m2) are geographically still central located, offer a higher stock capacity, a bright and generous show room as well as a modern training centre.
The consistent development of the reliable Machines SA-12/16 and the development of the Machines SA-16R with good cost-performance ratio should not be missing in any company using Machines sliding headstock machines.
The fast Machines command processing and rapid traverse rate of 20m/min. mean the idle times are greatly reduced.
Therefore probably this is the most frequently sold Machines CNC automatic lathe all over Europe.
Furthermore, this Machines machine does not have any hydraulic unit and is therefore very silent.
This Machinesmachine for small parts up to Ø 16 mm is suitable for the production of medical components, heavy-duty cutting as well as for thread whirling.
Machines it is very fast, but nevertheless versatile and efficient.
This Machines machine with a diameter range up to Ø 20 mm is suitable for heavy-duty cutting as well as thread whirling.

The Machines production times can be reduced because of the multiple tool holders and gang tool station.
The stable turret with Machines 10 tool stations can be moved in 3 axes.

The additional Machines gang type, 2-axes movement and both power-driven and stationary tools allow versatility and speed.
An extensive Machines equipment, greatly extended production times and a good cost-performance ratio are some of the many advantages of this machine.

The fast Machines automatic lathe (three channel control) for components having very complex geometries.

This extremely efficient Machines automatic lathe up to Ø 20mm has excellent features for very complex parts within the middle diameter range.
Available option: Machines thread whirling unit.

Up to 50 Machines tools can be taken at the same time.
The 3 completely independent Machines tool systems offer the best conditions to greatly reduce the production times.
This Machines machine is particularly suitable for thread whirling.
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